My name is Tom McCaffrey and I am a proud Gopher who ran track and cross country for the U of M in the early 60’s. I am now 77 years old. You won’t see my name on any statues, but you’ll see the Gopher pride in who I’ve become. I grew up in north Minneapolis and followed my older brother in running cross country and track and field at North High School. We both were among the tops in the state of Minnesota and dreamed everyone’s dream to attend the University of Minnesota.

I am now a “proud oldie” of three generations of successful U of M runners. This community of Gophers have remained very close to me. We have all learned to set goals, work hard and keep on charging. We all feel pride in what we’ve accomplished, confidence in who we are and where we’re going.

We were in a prestigious program at a prestigious university and if the Board of Regents don’t vote with their conscience and succumb to political pressures, the following generations will lose their dreams of competing for a once prestigious program. These future Olympians from Minnesota will be Iowans. Let’s hope not.