Becoming a student-athlete at the University of Minnesota was my dream. My 8th grade self wrote it in a future letter to myself, which I received right around decision day my senior year. I fought hard to make this team because of the endless opportunities. It was the opportunity to surround myself with the best athletes in Minnesota. These athletes turned out to be my family, built from a diverse group of determined, strong, authentic, intelligent, passionate, courageous, and fearless individuals. I knew this family would accept and push me to be the best version of myself athletically, academically, and emotionally. As a senior, I can confidently say my dreams here as an athlete at the University of Minnesota were fulfilled by my teammates. However, my dreams for being under this athletic department fell short when they proposed to cut our men's track and field program. I've been lucky enough to call the University of Minnesota home because of this team, but when they try to take away my team, they attempt to take away half my family, without them I'm not sure I can call this place home. We joined our men's and women's programs over the last two years to create a family and that is when we found our success. For our athletic department to encourage us to become ONE team, ONE family and then to propose the decision to break us in half is uncharacteristic to the University of Minnesota's athletic departments values. We are successful because we are united. You've heard our voices over these last few weeks and we won't stop fighting until we are promised to be united for the years to come. The University of Minnesota athletic department is known for their mission statement of values which include communication, diversity, competitive excellence, empathy, gratitude, character, humility, and investment, this decision falls short under each value. I will not stand next to them for as long as they don't stand by their own mission.