"Ripping the program out of existence would deny those like me, the opportunity to attend the University of Minnesota. I was recruited by Coach Roy Griak to his first team in 1964. Had I not had the opportunity to attend (from England where I was raised) I would never have had the opportunity to travel to the United States or to attend College in the USA. After Gopher eligibility I was accepted to Dental School at the University of Minnesota, which I would never have had the opportunity to attend but for Coach Griak's original recruitment: and then I returned to Europe to represent Norway internationally in track and field during and after my Gopher time. I have had a wonderful career ending up as the Dean of two dental schools, one in the USA (Arizona) and one in the UAE (Sharjah)--again, neither of these opportunities would have been available to me but for Roy Griak and my experiences for four years (1964-1968 when we became Big 10 track champions) on the track team at the University of Minnesota!

There are many others like me with special backgrounds, who would not have the opportunity to attend College without the financial support of University of Minnesota sports scholarships. Denying us the opportunity to attend would significantly negatively affect the diversity of students at the University and the life-changing positivity of the athletic program for the individual athletes and for those affected by them in later years. I believe my presence has positively affected many of my fellow students and the same can be said for many other recruits who made up the team. This positivity is immeasurable as it continues on in future generations of athletes and citizens."