I am a third generation gopher track and field athlete. My grandpa competed for the U in the 1960s, my dad competed for the U in the early 90s, and now me and my brother are currently on the team. This program runs deep in our blood and has changed the course of our lives for the better. I grew up around the program more or less. I remember watching Hassan Mead battle Lawi Lalang at Griak when I was in middle school. I remember riding in the golf cart with Roy at the same meet years prior. Every year in high school we would compete at a meet on the old Bierman Track. This was a big meet for everyone simply because it was at the U of M. Everyone wanted to compete for them at some point. Luckily, I got the opportunity in 2016 to start my journey as a gopher. Since then, I've run some races, some good, some bad. But more importantly I've grown as a leader, teammate, and friend. The guys on the team are beyond inclusive. They all set high standards, and as a group we aim to reach our goals. I've learned, it doesn't really matter if you run a fast time. The bonds, life lessons, and experiences we've had as a part of this program far outweigh any mile time, or cross country finish. This program breeds excellence in young men year in and year out. And in my opinion, it is far too successful of a program to cut. In 2020, we had the most all americans in the nation, and were third at the indoor Big Ten meet. This team means too much to the broader Minnesota running/track community to see it end. Please help keep the dreams of high schoolers alive. Help keep the community of alumni and current athletes alive. Help keep a tradition of excellence alive. Save UMN Men's Track.