Track and Field pushed me to take a risk and attend the University of Minnesota coming from a very small town in rural Minnesota. If it wasn't for the amazing opportunity provided by the coaching staff here, I would have gone to an academically and athletically ""easier"" institution. The Gopher Track and Field Family provided me with an opportunity which launched my goals into action wether they be on the track, in the classroom, in my social life or career aspirations.

When on that unforgettably heart-wrenching zoom call, my roommates and I sat and cried together, mourning the loss of not only teammates, but some of our closest friends. Many would have to transfer to find a school that would support their dreams. Gopher Track and Field is not comprised of the ""mens"" and ""womens"" teams. Gopher Track and Field is comprised of 120 athletes competing toward a common goal. It is not right to rip us apart. We, as just a women's team, are not whole without them.

Track and Field is historically the most diverse sport across the world. Coming from a small town in Minnesota, I never dreamed of learning first hand about Jamaican food, Trinidadian culture, what it is like to come from South Africa, or what school sports are like in Germany. Those are just a few cultural life lessons that would be completely lost if the men's team was abolished.