Being a part of the track and field program gave me purpose. As a person, I was struggling to find who I was and where I belonged. When I fully committed myself to the program, I was able to not only transform into part of the person that I’ve become today, but was able to build a family that I could rely on, a family that I could believe in, and people involved with the program who supported me and believed in me more than I did. Not only was able to find my purpose, but I was able to develop transferable life skills that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Time management, perseverance, determination, work ethic that is unmatched . The University of Minnesota track and field program saved me. It saved me from throwing away opportunity. It allowed me to open my eyes and open my heart to individuals that were different than me. It helped me except people who are different in race, socio-economic status, their cultural background, sexual orientation, political views etc., because at The end of the day we were family. We created inclusion without even trying, without politics dictating who or what we should believe in, other than believing in ourselves and who we were as a team. The University of Minnesota track and field program brings together community. A value in which the institution itself holds pride in. Community that goes beyond just ourselves, community that involves outreach, volunteering, and impacting others around us. Being a role model not only for the kids who looked up to us, but the adults in the world that needed it too. Not to mention, I was able to meet my husband through athletics at the University of Minnesota. Without that, I truly would not be where I am today. I would not be living the life that I live today. And for having met my husband, in retrospect, was one of the best things the program, that athletics, gave me. I was able to build my life with him and for that I will be forever grateful. I will be forever grateful for the family, the community that I was a part of. I am forever grateful for the coaches, the volunteers, everyone involved in the athletic program, my teammates, all of them— everything that they gave me and they believed in. These programs like the track and field program, are selfless. Their goal is not only to build amazing athletes, but more importantly to build amazing individuals that impact our society. These programs like such give so much to their athletes and in term those athletes give everything they can back to the institution because they are proud for wearing that uniform for representing this university. Wearing the uniform was once a privilege. Unfortunately, my proudness has faded. My belief and hope in the university as an institution is decreasing by the moment.