Attending the University of Minnesota to run track and field absolutely changed my life. The life choices I've made. The discipline and tenacity I've developed. No less than the very person I've become – all of that has been heavily influenced by my time running in the maroon and gold. The friendships I developed. The setbacks I overcame. The lessons I learned. It was life experience I couldn't have had elsewhere.

I don't know what my life would have looked like had I remained in my home state of Michigan. But I can say for certain that attending Minnesota and being a Golden Gopher Track and Field member gave me a perspective, taught me balance, and brought me down the road from a promising, ignorant high schooler to a humbled, considerate and more well-rounded adult.

To take away Men's Track and Field is not just to cancel potential futures. It's pressing delete on a legacy of memories, defeats and triumphs. To take that away would be to wash over a tradition that's woven into the fabric of every maroon and gold uniform that was ever worn. The tradition that I wore, and that many excellent young men wore before me, and after me.