Growing up in Minnesota, this beautiful state has been everything to me. Running has also been everything. I started running with elk river in 7th. I’m high school I Looked up to every UMN track athlete like they were Lebron James. I raced against Adam Zutz(Star distance athlete for the gophers) in 7th grade and thought running for the gophers would be a dream but was reserved for the elite of the elite. As I got older I eventually became a 2x state champion which lead to schools flooding me with mail but I knew right away I wanted to be a gopher and join middle distance legends.

I got to campus realized I had made the right choice. Every time I put on the M to race I get this feeling of joy. Joy knowing I was lucky enough to run for more then just Minnesota but everyone from my hometown, my family and friends who all give me such incredible support and I get to do that with my home state.

Taking away this for Minnesota athletes is robbery. I have heard stories of men who have been out of the program for 30 years still full to the brim with gopher pride and the pride of the M. Gopher men’s track and field is a family, and the family is bigger then the men you race with but also the men who raced 100 years ago. Breaking this family up is not right in any way.