Obviously there’s a lot to say, but briefly, track had been so impactful to me because of the extremely positive personal development it provided me and all of my amazing teammates/friends. Competing at a high level is fun, but looking back and seeing how the team shaped each woman to be a better member of society is so rewarding. From instilling the best work ethic to demonstrating what utmost respect looks like to building confidence in young women, the opportunity to be on the track team for four years is unmatched. It would be a complete tragedy to rip this opportunity away as it would decrease a huge personal development program and, just as importantly, diminish the already slim opportunities for diverse young people, especially black men, from realizing their deserved potential. It’s not fair that being on track is the only way for many of these men to complete a college degree, it’s even less fair to remove this path. There’s a long way to go to make the world an equal place and cutting men’s track is certainly going in the wrong direction. With ripping the team from existence, society suffers, as there will be a fewer number of highly functioning positively contributing to making this world better.