I can’t emphasize enough the powerful meaning of being a track student-athlete at the University of Minnesota. As a student the sport fosters dedication, excellence, and effort. The program asks for the same thing from us as athletes, which is not easy to find on all University teams. This program is not one-sided, meaning it’s focus isn’t just on competition or delivering revenue. It’s about a family of athletes that go on to dedicate our whole selves to our craft no matter what area of life we fall into after college. I spent 5 years competing in cross country and track on the women’s side and had my life shaped in the most transformative way. I will not be able to support an institution that takes away this opportunity from other track student-athletes because of poor judgement, leadership, and overall values. This breaks my heart as a female runner to see the men’s team, our teammates, to be be dismantled after demonstrating year after year what a Gopher student-athlete should exemplify: class, heart, and respect to name just a few. Please consider the serious repercussions that this decision will have on the entire state of Minnesota, on underrepresented athletes, on the student-athlete morale. It is not fair or acceptable to hold money and budget over the heads of these PROUD Gopher student-athletes. They are not the responsible ones. Please understand the privilege it is to represent Gopher athletics and keep that opportunity open to those who have earned it.