Track allowed me the affordance growing up a Gopher fan my entire life, to represent my home state and beloved University. Upon enrolling and joining the team, I was blessed to be witnessed to the culture, community, and inclusion the Men’s track and field program had established; apparent after well over one hundred years. I shared locker space with all different body types, believes, religions, morals, races, sexual orientations, majors, and nationalities-all encompassing the inclusivity and diversity the Minnesota track and field program offers for young men like myself. This inclusion gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons of acceptance of others, learning other beliefs, and forming life lasting bonds amongst my teammates. Minnesota provided me with a world class education, and set me up to continue my academic and athletic career at the University of Alabama where I will be completing my Master’s of Science in Biology in two years. Dismantling the Men’s Track and Field team at the University of Minnesota will not only reject the same affordances and opportunities I was given to grow as a student, an athlete, and as a person, but will deny the liberty of other’s to become better men, students, and people. In addition, cutting the Men’s Track and Field team will put in motion a movement at other large institutions to cut these same opportunities given to young men like myself. Cutting the most broadly participated sport in high schools around the world is a mistake, and by doing so begins the end of the most historic sport in existence. An end that will be traced back to the decision made by the University of Minnesota.