Track and field has been one of the most important aspects of my life. For black men in America, we don't get many opportunities, and especially with having parents that are refugees from a war-torn country and being a first-generation, the struggles only got bigger. Going to college was never in the cards for me. It's because of my excellence in sports, and the opportunity that Coach Plasencia and the coaching staff at Minnesota provided me, that I was even able to attend university. I owe so much to them and the sport of track and field. This story isn't only mine - it's my little brother's story, who is on the track and cross country team now. It's Obsa Ali's story, who is a national champion and All-American. It's Hassan Mead's story, an Olympian. It's Harun Abda's story, who ran for Nike and won countless Big 10 Championships. It's so many people's stories. I want to fulfill my legacy and cement myself amongst the greats at Minnesota. I've only gotten half a year of eligibility to do so. There's so much to gain from keeping the program, so much rich history. So much history to be made. So many opportunities to be given to kids with no other way other way out. We all just want a chance.