Running at Minnesota has offered me countless opportunities and established my character and work ethic in more ways than I can really put words to or have the space to elaborate on here. Not only during the 5 years I spent at Minnesota but well after. It has allowed me to build lifelong friendships in both my personal and professional life - opening doors in my career that otherwise would not have been available, while also serving as a valuable connector throughout my professional journey. To think that some teams at Minnesota have effectively been told that they don't deserve this experience and more than that, they haven't earned it, is a heartbreaking statement to hear resound from an Athletic Director and staff I thought we could trust and respect after several years of watching the morally bankrupt behavior and fraudulent leadership of the administrations before it.

To see these teams thrown in front of the bus as a scapegoat for poor management of funds and destructive leadership is gut-wrenching. The things that the University of Minnesota prides itself on - Diversity, Opportunity, Excellence, Equality - no longer ring true if we allow this to continue. Your credibility as a top University is wildly put to shame. Anyone with a logical and rational line of thought can read the statements, listen to the board meetings, and crunch the numbers only to affirm that the above statements are true. I will always be UMN Proud but will never claim affiliation to - and certainly not pride - in the administration that is ruling today. We are better than this and there is absolutely a better option here - probably one that involves self-sacrifice and laying aside your own personal agenda to commit to something greater than yourselves.

And to Mark Coyle and the Board of Regents: if you're uncomfortable with that, I challenge you to seriously reconsider your position within University of Minnesota athletics community. Because self-sacrifice and commitment to our teammates, coaches, and all those around us is what we are all about.