Without Track and Field, I would not have attended the University of Minnesota. I would have never made life lasting friendships or been taught valuable life lessons about adversity, teamwork, consistency, or how to relentlessly pursue your passion.

Uprooting this historic program would be a devastating blow to alumni, current athletes, fans, and most importantly, the dreams of future gopher athletes. Because of what I learned about track and field, I now volunteer in my community and help hundreds of young men develop physically and interpersonally, on and off the track. Shutting down this program takes away one more opportunity for people of color, such as myself to receive a top notch education, and proudly represent their heritage. I would encourage you to visit the Fieldhouse and view the flags of all the nations this program has been supported.

Track and Field is one of the most diverse sports that welcomes people from every background. Eliminating the Men's Track and Field Program would eliminate yet another opportunity for people of drastically different backgrounds to come together to build bridges and work toward a common goal, rather than building barriers. I plead you to consider the thousands of dreams and connections that will be crushed if the decision to eliminate the University of Minnesota's Men's Track & Field Program is upheld.