Our son is a current, red shirt freshman Men's Track & Field athlete. He had scholarship offers from two other Big Ten schools that were significantly better than what he got from the U of M. However, being a Gopher was his dream and he worked exceedingly hard at Mounds View HS to achieve that goal, both athletically and academically.

Being a Division I athlete at the prestigious U of M has been, and will continue to be, the dream of many Minnesota HS boys. Track & Field is the 2nd most popular boys HS sport behind football, and participation has been trending consistently higher every year while football continues to decline. Track & Field continues to be the most inclusive, accessible sport and it would be devastating to lose the Men's program at the U.

Our son is also an excellent student enrolled in the Carlson School of Business. He is the 5th generation in a row to attend the U of M, going all the way back to his great, great grandmother in the early 1920s. The thought of him leaving the U to pursue a business degree and track career somewhere else is hard for both him and us to fathom. Saving the Men's Track & Field program is the right thing to do!