Track and field is something that I built my life on. I have many hobbies and passions, but nothing compares to track and field. To tell a short story, last year I was a senior in high school. I was being recruited by lots of schools and talked to lots of coaches. Just about 2 months before the Wisconsin state cross country championships, coach Plasencia gave me a call to talk about coming for a visit. I told him that I don't think I could make it in the Big Ten. He told me that he saw potential in me and thought that the Big Ten would end up being very suitable place for me. So I went on the visit. I met the most caring, helpful, and loving coaches, team, and staff. After that day there was no question in my mind that the University of Minnesota was where I wanted to be.

A week before the state race, coach told me that the throwing and sprinting coaches at Minnesota were going to come and watch me race. I was baffled. Never in my career has anyone from the sprints or throws cared about long distance. Coach Plasencia told me that we are a family in Minnesota track. A week later, I had the race of my life. I ran faster than ever on the hardest course of the season. I won the state race and I honestly have no one to thank more than the family I had in my own team, and the family I knew I wanted to be a part of. I love track and field. But even more that, I love the opportunities and the family it creates. Track isn't just a sport, it's a family.