This team is a family. Many of our teammates come from different countries, states, and cities. And come to the University of Minnesota without knowing anyone. This team gives everyone a chance to belong and a place to call home. We grow together, compete together, celebrate together, win together, and lose together. We are one team, one family, and without half our family, the women will feel empty. And the men will have to start over after all the blood, sweat, and tears they have put into this sport to succeed and represent the U proudly. Track and Field is not a selfish sport. We don't do it for the limelight, money, or exposure. We do it for our school, our team, our family, and our love of the sport. All we ask is to let our Men's team get the chance to run, jump, and throw, to use the gifts they have. Not in a selfish way but an unrelenting love for our sport and our school.