Being part of the track and field team at the University of Minnesota was the reason I chose Minnesota to become a student athlete. I worked with teammates from different countries and from different ethnic backgrounds which prepared me for a future that I wouldn't have been prepared for without it.

The U of M track team has represented the university all over the Midwest and the country for a long time in so many positive ways. They are worth the investment.

I was at the University of Minnesota when the dirt indoor track was converted to a modern indoor track. That investment led to so many more indoor meets that represented the university so well to the big ten and other teams that visited. The new state-of-the-art outdoor facility would continue to do that for the university for so many years to come.

I'm extremely sad that some are so short-sighted to try and cut this program for a fraction of what some head coaches make at the University. I am hopeful that the regents will continue to see the university as a institution that offers so many opportunities to so many students. Moreover I sincerely hope they will not cut something that has so long been an integral part of the University experience just for a relatively small short term financial reason.