Track has been something that I can always rely on to be there, even in a tough year like this. I looked forward each and everyday to zoom calls, text messages, and FaceTimes with my group of sprinters, and the best part is I’ve never even met them. Building a connection with such a great group of men and women before even getting on campus is something that I thought would never be possible. As an incoming freshman, it would be an absolute tragedy to see this program’s 100+ years go down the drain because of something that is fixable with time and effort. If our program is completely ripped away from us, it will be the beginning of track and field diminishing as a sport.

This is so much more than the people at the University of Minnesota, this is going to be a problem across the country if they decide to cut our program. Bottom line is, as a freshman at the University of Minnesota my entire future is now unsteady because I chose my life long dream school and they are not choosing me. I would love to spend the next 4 years here, and I will be absolutely devastated if Mark Coyle and the Board of Regents choose to ruin our dreams.