Reflecting on my experience, the University of Minnesota Track team gave me a path to represent something much greater than myself. It allowed me to be able to represent my friends, family, coaches, and community in a humble yet fulfilling pursuit of excellence athletically and academically. For me, this was a dream of mine to represent the people I love in the state I love.

Overall, that was just one kid's humble dream. Following the decision from Mark Coyle to eliminate Men's Track and Field, there are a lot more dreams at stake. Today, I pain for the dreams of my teammates who will likely not get to live out the same opportunities competing with ""Minnesota"" proudly displayed across their chest. I pain for the tens of thousands of Minnesota high school track athletes’ dreams, in which on a yearly basis they will no longer have a team to call home. I pain for the vast and diverse track alumni network with 130 years of legacy that welcomes new members with the slogan that ""The M never comes off!"", further cementing a lifetime Gopher allegiance deemed immeasurable to many.

Given the present obstacles, I prod you not give up for the many Minnesotans who are depending on strong actions to be taken. Athletics is largely about beating unbeatable odds and rising to the occasion to overcome such challenges. I entrust you will all rise to the occasion. While it may be easy to let a door shut, there are always creative ways to keep them open. Enable dream, don't disable teams.