I competed as a Gopher on the Women’s Track and Field team from 2004-2009. I actually chose to forgo a full ride scholarship at another high level institution to compete as a Gopher where basically only my books were paid for, not because I wasn’t deserving of more but because, at the time, there were 18 scholarships to spread between over 100 women. It was equally as tight for the men. This tells me that, like myself, both men and women are coming to compete for the University of Minnesota, not because of money, but because we believe in the school, the education, and the track and field program. If you cut the program you take away the choice of so many in the years to come, to follow their dreams of competing as a Gopher on the track and field team. Money means a lot but definitely not everything. People, boys, girls, hopes, dreams, choice, the feeling of the team family: THAT is everything.