The University of Minnesota would not have been my school without the Track and Field Program. As a female runner, I was attracted to the University of Minnesota for both it's athletics and academics. What set it apart to me and the reason I choose the school (over many other prestigious institutions) was for the team of athletes, coaches, and support staff it offered me. The U of M athletic teams are not just teams, they are families. Many of my closest friends during and after college competed with me at the U, both on the men's and women's teams. As a female athlete, I would seriously have considered it a red flag if men's track and field was also not offered. There is no family without both genders and the balance of both sexes of athletes was part of what made it a success. I have been an active alumni of the University of Minnesota, both within athletics and academics, and would withdraw my future time and resources from supporting a university that does not support both men's and women's track and field.