Having the opportunity to be a volunteer assistant coach along with earning my Masters in Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota, the Track and Field program is near and dear to my heart. As I was a part of the program for three years the future of the program becomes very personal to me as it does for each athlete and alumni. Continuing the program would mean respecting all the time and hard work put in over the years and acknowledging the many accomplishments that have been achieved. Being a part of the program gave me a great deal of pride, I am a Minnesota native who’s passion in life is the sport of track and field. I was contributing to the flagship program in the state and working with the best the state and surrounding states had to offer. The entire Minnesota running community is invested in this program and with over 32,000 high school boy and girls participating in track and the host of two of the top ten marathons in the nation, this family of fans is not a small group. This army of supporters brings relevancy to the entire University because of the common bond they share with the athletes participating in the sport they love. So what does it mean for me to have been a part of this program? It meant being a part of the best, being a part of something trying to achieve greatness, being a part of something much bigger than me.