Track has been a gateway to better in my life. Track has allowed me to expand who I am as an athlete, a student, and an overall person. As a distance runner, choosing where to go to school depended both on the Track program and the Cross Country program. By cutting Track, not only are the opportunities for Track athletes cut, but the Cross Country program will take a huge blow as well. Without a Track program I probably would've never given the University of Minnesota much of a thought at all.

However this decision affects more than just individual athletes, it affects the Universities community as a whole. As a University that strives for diversity, cutting the track program, one of the most diverse programs, would essentially be working in the wrong direction. Not just for this year, not for the next two years, but this would work against the strive for diversity forever. Taking away hundreds of opportunities for everyone each year.

When you look around the Track team, you see a 130 year old community of great people built on the pillars of success. Consisting of individuals working every day to achieve there own goals on and off the Track/Field. Cutting the program is taking away this extraordinary, high achieving, irreplaceable community from the University of Minnesota. A mistake it cannot go back on.