Track and Field has changed my life in countless ways over the last 8 years. I have not only been able to push my physical and mental limits, but I have also been introduced to some of the strongest personal connections and relationships that I have ever experienced.

I have been blessed to share bonds closer than I ever imagined before beginning the sport, and I am so grateful and lucky to be able to say that these bonds are shared with some of my best friends. I would trust my life with many of my teammates and that truly demonstrated how impactful this sport has been in my life.

In addition to building relationships, I have also learned to handle adversity and to continue through difficult moments knowing that the roller coaster will always head back up. Whether it has been through racing and training, or this past year dealing with a slew of injuries, I have been able to find the strength to continue fighting. This is a value that I would not have been able to establish without track and field, and I am not sure what I will do without being able to continue developing in this aspect of my life.

This leads me to my final gift I have received from track and field, and that is building character. I can honestly say that I am a mature, dedicated, and responsible man as a result of this sport, and I would hate to know the man I would be without it. This sport has taught me so many lessons about life in general, but more specifically how to be a better son, brother, and friend to those who I care about the most. Without track and field in my life, I am not sure who I will be or what the future would hold. But I know one thing for sure at the moment, I am not ready to let track and field be taken away from my life without a fight. I have not devoted 8 years of my life for a large piece of myself to be snatched away in an instant. My dream is to run track and field and I would be devastated if that dream became a nightmare.