As a high school senior I toured only 2 universities, and made a last minute decision change to go to the U of M because I felt more connected to the area and the coaches. Throughout my 4 years of competition I appreciated being close to home where friends and family could support me. Although I completed on the women’s team, this story is the same for many men on the current team and on future teams.

College men’s track and field is an opportunity for students to attend the U of M who would otherwise not have ( due to sport, cost, location, etc). Collegiate track and field is a community and a family. Most of my current friends 10 years later are my past teammates. This is where I learned to care about the success of others, truly help and sacrifice for a team, and the obvious work ethic and time management.

Lastly, don’t tell me this is a choice based on budget and title nine. Both men’s and women’s track and field numbers could fluctuate easily. Give the coaches a chance to add athletes as needed. Track and field is also not a high budget sport. Coaches are paid very little in comparison to other sports, and equipment is minimal. There are many bigger funded places where budget could be cut or changed.