The Issue

On September 10, 2020, without any prior communication to students, staff, alumni, or donors, University of Minnesota athletic director Mark Coyle and President Joan Gabel outlined a proposal to discontinue the Men’s Track and Field teams after the completion of the 2020-2021 academic year. Citing COVID-related budgetary shortfalls and maintaining compliance with Title IX federal mandates, they presented this item to the Board of Regents for approval the very next day. Regent members agreed to table the matter until its next meeting on October 8-9, 2020, where a decision will be made. There is no appeal process.

Read the University’s open letter proposal here.

Please view our full statement with irrefutable talking points on this factually misleading proposal.

Our Ask

Minnesota Golden Gopher Track and Field athletes, alumni, supporters and donors call on our 12 Board of Regent Members to vote NO on October 9th to the proposal to eliminate Men’s Track and Field. We also demand that our Athletic Administration and President do the following:

  1. Commit to fair and transparent processes for future decisions about track and field,
  2. Make a renewed and lasting commitment to be “Driven to Discover” with initiatives that promote an equitable experience to every team and student athlete, and
  3. Work hand-in-hand with our supporters to pursue an alternative and more innovative athletic funding model to create sustainability.

Athletes Spotlight

The University of Minnesota has not provided a place for athletes, alumni, or community members to share their thoughts. Hear directly from a few of our highest profile athletes and alumni in their own words.

Our Voices

The University of Minnesota has not given us a place to speak. Here you can find submissions from some of our current athletes, alumni, family, and outside supporters. Be sure to check back frequently for new testimonials.

Current Athletes

Hear from our current athletes.


Hear from our alumni network.

Pledge to #savegophertf

Legendary Coach Roy Griak often told his teams Malo po malo, a serbian saying from his mother meaning "little by little." Small improvements in practice add up over time to create great performances. This slogan, this motto, is what drives our formal support too, our fundraising.

We are asking for 5-year commitments, where you would support the teams operations fund for the same amount each year. This would be considered a verbal pledge, that is documented yet revocable. Your name and your amount will remain fully anonymous, unless you want it published.

In discussions with the Regents, the theme of providing a financial solution has been consistently mentioned. This initiative is our opportunity to come back to the Regents to show them we are Driven to Discover. 120 years of track and field excellence is on the line. We are on our final attempt, in the homestretch. Let’s show that when our backs are up against the wall, we are Snotty Nose Tough and ready to chip in Malo po malo.

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